Aerial Ninja
Real Estate Promotion
Nothing sells a property more than a great video. Our Ninjas will work together to make this happen. Let's get started today.
Festivals and Concerts
Let us capture the before, during, and after of the experience. We will make future attendees feel what its all about.
Land Surveying
Get an aerial map drawn out of your land with color grading to create distinct boundaries and identify your property lines from the sky.
Emergency Search and Rescue
We donate Drone Services for any emergency search and rescue matters that come up in Costa Rica. It is our pleasure to serve our beautiful country.
AirBnb Specialized
We have a special simplified shot for our AirBnb clients. It's called the swoop through. It's simple, easy, yet effective to help for your AirBnb video marketing.
Nature Documentaries
Ever look for a clip for Costa Rica and just can't find the right one? Call us from anywhere in the world and we will take an on location shot in Costa Rica to fit your needs.
Stock Videography
We have a range of stock video footage taken here in Costa Rica available in 4k, high resolution at 60fps. We can help add to your B-Roll.
Business Promotion
The most engaging promo videos showcase drone footage combined with information about your business. Contact us and lets talk about our vision.
Checkout how we price our work:

Unique Custom Pricing For Every Project

Example #1 Project Requirements: A Real Estate Promotion Video

Here is why we custom price every project:  because every client’s needs are different and require a different level of production to complete.  We have tried packages before and we find that it limits the project expectations for our clients.

We push boundaries through thinking not just about your brand, your website, or your digital marketing – but how all of the digital elements of your business work together. It’s at the intersection of these two areas that we help.  Here is a breakdown of what any single project might require.

Photography Work
Ground & Aerial Video
Website Development

In this 1st example, our client already had a marketing plan and a website for the promotion of the video, so not much web development or marketing work was put into it.

In the next example we will show you a client that has the video and photography work completed, yet is looking for help getting the video online.

Planning & Logistics
Post Production
Marketing & Advertising

Example #2 Project Requirements: A Real Estate Promotion Video

In example #2, we have a similar client who needs real estate video promotion, yet they already have most of the video work done.  They just need a few photos.  Their biggest concern is marketing and promotion, and you can see how different the emphasis on the scope of work is created by this.

Photography Work
Ground & Aerial Video
Website Development
Planning & Logistics
Post Production
Marketing & Advertising

Photography Work:  All ground level photography & lighting work.

Planning & Logistics:  Involves all communications, strategy, scripting, brainstorming, to begin the project.  It also includes, transportation, accommodations, and staging.

Video:  All aerial & ground videography work and lighting.

Post Production:  Editing, Color grading, and exporting usable files for use in web, print, and other forms of media distribution.

Website Development:  Anything that involves connecting the content we created with your business website.

Marketing & Advertising:  The Promotion of the content we create and how extensively we promote based on the client’s tolerance & budget.

This is how we do custom pricing:

We offer 3 types of Service!

But You Can Only Pick Two:

Fast & Inexpensive
We shoot the footage, you handle the Post Production
Camera Work: Basic Videography
Good & Inexpensive
★★ Moderate
Camera Work: Includes Ground & Aerial Video
Post Production: We handle the color grading & editing of your content
Our Best Work
★★★★ Pro
Camera Work: The best gear we have, and the best techniques.
Post Production: Best quality available and uploaded to all media streams
What is your next step?

Simply select your preference and once we begin the Project Discovery phase, we will provide you a concise estimate that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been creating media?
Since the internet began.
Do you provide these services outside of Costa Rica?
Yes, we work with experienced creators internationally. Give us a call at 8427 0728 and we will discuss how we can connect you with a Ninja in your area.
Does Aerial Media Ninja have a contract?
Yes, we have a well thought out and properly organized contract that we deliver with a full scope of work document. The scope of work document will be created once we have our initial discovery meeting. A discovery meeting is a consultation phone call in which we come to a summarized agreement about what the expectations for the project are.
What is the average turn around time for a promotional video to be made?
3 weeks is the average, it can be done in as little as 1 week. Larger projects may leave it for as long as 8 weeks.
Can you provide Factura Electronica?
Are you insured in Costa Rica?
What happens once I click 'Select This Option' under one of your services?
You will be taken to a pop up window that includes a form with information for us about your selection. From there, simply send along your contact information, the best time to call, and anything else you would like us to know. We will respond as soon as we get the message.